Tutorial clamp fab. Problem

I’m making the clamps in the tutorial. I get everything done and set zero. It starts and runs but air cuts about a material thickness above the part. Before I run the job, it says download .nc file. When I go to my documents, where the nc file is stored and open it, it doesn’t load to carbide motion.

Can you go back and check whether the pull-down menu in the “Stock thickness” section says “Top”, not “Bottom” ?


Having it to “Bottom” while zeroing on top would explain the air cut offset by a material thickness.

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Hello Julien.
Just got back at my CNC. Change to top of material. Still air cuts!

Allright, can you

  • post your G-code file (.nc)?
  • explain in as much detail as you can, the steps you follow that result in an air cut ?
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Nick and I had a phone consult and fixed my problem. I had to edit the tool path/paths. All set! Thanks for yor responses! Now onto clamp knobs. Might try to find someone yhat has already done them and ask for a file.

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