Tutorials on Fusion 360 Circuit Board for Nomad?

Hi All. I have a Nomad 883 and would like to try making a double sided circuit board using Fusion 360. Is there any tutorials?

I’m not sure if you mean design and mill a circuit board? Fusion allows you to place a circuit board into your design, but generally people will use Eagle to design it. Another popular one is KiCad. For milling the boards there a lot of ways, but I’ve had a lot of success using Carbide Copper - it is very easy to use and hard to screw things up (compared to most software at least :). Recently I’m doing scratch milling, which works really well imo, but you do need to step through a lot of software to create contours and autoleveling (this isn’t hard once everything is set up, but there is a lot to set up). I have a video on that here: https://youtu.be/VN0X4jVp4XI

If you have any specific questions along the way, happy to try and help!


If I could like this twice I would. Awesome.

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Fusion had Eagle CAD integration now, but I don’t know if you could set up toolpaths to mill the board as well (that would be cool).
It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but you can use FlatCam to generate toolpaths from your gerber exports.

Current version of fusion360 includes eagle functionality.

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Thanks All. I do like the ability to design a circuit board in Fusion 360. I will try to design a simple 2 sided circuit board and share what I can.


Ahh I didn’t know that also allowed designing now, thanks

No isolation routing that I know of yet…I don’t know if they have that planned, but it would be an obvious next step.

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