Two-color DHPE sourcing in Europe?


I would like to buy two-color/ColorCore HDPE, but while the forum (and google) allowed me to find many sources in the US and in Asia (e.g. on Ali), I struggle to find any resellers in Europe. Does anyone have a link or two to sites based in Europe (including the UK :slight_smile: ) that would sell it to individuals ?


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You might want to try contacting King Plastic Corporation directly for a list of distributors, potentially they have some on your side of the pond. They are a major manufacturer of HDPE sheet goods, manufacturer of the branded ColorCore.


I went on their site and they do mention an SME in France as their sales contact here. I’m afraid I’ll get the usual answer (“we don’t sell to individuals”) but I’ll give it a try anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

There’s one in the UK too so I might try that too.
I had heard about Kind Plastic (probably here on the forum) but failed to make the link with ColorCore.


Sorry I cant help with the question but where in the uk are you I would love to find fellow cncers to meet up with. I’m in Bournemouth.

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I would love to, but I happen to live on the other side of the channel :slight_smile:
But there are several members from the UK on the forum, so maybe one of them lives nearby!

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I’m in the UK, but in Oxfordshire. I think France is actually closer to Bournemouth than I am :slight_smile:

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