Two issues that are irritating

  1. Text does not show up in project in v6 or 7. I click text and there’s only a dot no TEXT to show that you actually change.
  2. Bit runner went tits up I think. I can turn on the router without pushing button or directly on the router. Also, the router does not turn off when its done. Yes, all settings are correct as it worked the other day.
  1. Which font are you trying to use? It must be an OpenType or TrueType font.

  2. Check the fuse — if that’s not it, or you have a v1 which doesn’t have one, check in at

  1. Checked font of all things yup Modern doesn’t work weird but Modern 20 does.
  2. I’ll check the fuse but there is a green light coming from the CAT5? cable area.

I unplugged everything from source, restarted etc. and it started to work again. Gremlins I guess, thx.

My Bit Runner stopped firing as well. Ended up a loose connection on the board itself. Bit of soldering and it’s back to normal.

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