Two retract heights..?

Would it be possible to incorpoate two retract heights in CC, i.e. one between toolpaths and the other between cuts?

It seems to me there is a waste of time, when cutting pockets, for example, where the tool is retracted uneccesarily?


An example of this kind of behavior is in Vectric’s software; a “clear the clamps” or “safe” height and a “retract” height. I keep mine at 0.8" and 0.1", but others have stated that their retract height is even closer to the part; saves time.

Carbide Create doesn’t have this feature as such.

You could edit the G-Code to add it, and to a degree, it does move up to the max height for certain operations though.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Fusion 360 has a function not to raise the bit if it has no obstruction between one cut to another.
I am not positive here and may be misinterpreting the function.

Hi Eric,

I’m not too familiar with Fusion, to be honest, although when I had a look at it I couldn’t really get my head around the many functions, most of which I’ll never use for my simple needs!

I’ve started to look at VCarve Desktop again, now a Windows PC has become available to me!

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this is something a simple post processor can fix though… it’s not all that complicated to build (I’ve built it as a piece of javascript to optimize after CC)… simple enough for @robgrz to add to Carbide Create if he so desires (I’ll be happy to point out the simple algorithm one can do for this)

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