UCF coaster with inlay

Still trying to figure out how to get red oak to behave when doing detail carvings. I really like the contrast of walnut and red oak but it does prove difficult to work with, which is why this inlay isn’t perfect:

Specifically the star took a beating during carving. It is what it is, next one will be better!


Here’s a couple ideas to mull over.

Depending on which finish you are using to seal it, you could try putting a coat on the oak before machining it. That may provide enough structure and prevent the fuzz and tear out.

Maybe carve your inlay thicker than required, so it sits proud of the walnut. After you set your inlay you can gently bring it down to flush with a sander.


Thanks for the ideas :slight_smile: this is a v carve inlay so it already sits above the art plane and it sanded down. I only apply mineral oil as finish so I don’t think I can put another finish on there if I want to keep it natural? Someone else suggested a certain type of sheet/paper to put on to to prevent tear out in another thread.

I just finished cutting an oak piece. I pocked a 3/8" deep round area using 1/4" end mill. I profiled four square areas. I carved some text and a graphic (with a 30* engraving bit 0.050" deep). I cut out those four squares. Not chipping. I slowed it down to 30 to 40. There was some fuzz, but it sanded off instantly.

I guess the point is the points. You have to slow down cutting those thin and narrow areas. Any hardwood is by nature … hard. :smiley:


Your coaster looks very good. I need to try a USF Bulls!

Try white oak instead, it’s superior to red oak in machinability, surface appearance and hardness.

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Oh wow nice! I’ll try going slower! This was I think 30IPM at 6000RPM. I can definitely go below that - let’s see what happens.

Thanks :slight_smile: not sure my wife would appreciate this comment haha

Oh interesting! Right now I’m working with a box of random wood, so once I get through that I’ll try to specifically get some white oak! I was thinking cherry could work too?!

Forgot to mention that I’ve been leaving my router on 18K (#3+). Seems to be working without adjusting it.

I caught this comment just in time! Trying with 20IPM at 10000RPM.

Charge On, looks great

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