UGS Platform on Raspberry Pi 4

After some frustration with the lack of keyboard shortcuts in CNCjs, I have switched my attention to UGS Platform on my Raspberry Pi 4. Running CM on the RPi4 works perfectly, so I know the setup and serial comms are working and reliable.
Java JDK 8
RPi4 4GB
Once UGS has loaded, refresh the ports selection, choose /dev/ttyACM0 and connect. The console window shows output from the ShapeOKO3 starting, but the $$ report stops after $20, sometimes $21 and occasionally $13 is displayed, and UGS doesn’t appear to recognise that a ‘GRBL device has properly responded’ and so reports it as ‘OFF-LINE’.
Cannot fathom what is happening… I wonder of any of the forum good and great have seen this and know what is happening?

I can help you to add the keyboard shortcuts you want to CNCjs if you wish?

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An example would be Zero X-axis at the current location. Is this the sort of thing you can do?

I’ve found what is causing the issue in UGS, as first posted. There appears to be a bug in the latest build that mis-reads ‘$20=1’ and believes the machine is trying to declare an A axis. This isn’t trapped and results in a Java exception that stops processing. Switching $20=0 means that UGS now loads correctly. I will press the authors to remedy this as I really want soft limits enabled to protect the machine from excessive movement requests

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Yes thats doable. Are you running it on a Raspberry pi or windows? If windows, I can prepare a .msi file for you.
If you are running it on a rpi, I’ll list up where you can do it.
I don’t have so much time during a day to fiddle with stuff like this so please be a little patient with me :slight_smile:

I would be most grateful for any pointers or help, in whatever time you are able to give. My setup is on a Pi 4. I have UGS fully working, jogging, probing and cutting, including working around the VNC display driver/OpenGL clash to make the Visualizer work, and the dial-pendant can drive UGS exactly as I wanted - so I have one solution working. But I kinda like CNCjs, so would still like to see if I can make that work.

im having the same problem did that file happen? Id love to test it

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