Ukulele fretboard

(F B) #1

I bought a build your own ukulele kit from Grizzly industrial in 2009. I started my build, and decided to modify the kit by adding binding. Once I attached the neck and decided I really liked it, I decided the plywood fretboard they supplied with the kit wouldn’t do. I tried to cut the frets with a few different saws and was never happy with how they turned out. So, it sat in a box unfinished.

I recently decided to make the fretboard on the shapeoko and finished the project. The endmill I used for the fret slots was .024 run at 10IPM and 10 plunge. I’m pretty happy with the result and it sounds good.

I also carved the nut and saddle by hand out of home depot corian samples.

I’m now aiming to start another soprano uke completely on shapeoko, but I need to do a lot of drawing for that to happen. (I’d like to create forms to bend the sides and do a complete neck on it)