Uline Table for 5 Pro 2x4 Machine

In case anyone else is looking for a decent table to go with their new SO5 2-by-4 machine, here’s what the Uline heavy-duty packaging table looks like:


Perfect size! Good choice.

I used a lot of those at the last place I worked at. They are a solid table. Just keep an eye on the wood top when you get it, we got a number of them with a giant bow, which is amazing in itself because its almost 2" thick and composite. Must have been how they stored them.

Is this the 60x36 table?

I need to get some measurements to estimate the extra space needed to build an enclosure around the machine but I don’t want to unbox it and partially assemble it before building a dedicated table for it. As usual, space is very limited in this area of the shop.

They say the footprint is 60x35, would you say that’s accurate? Also, looks like you have a little extra room on the edge, how is the clearance on the other side of the picture?

I’m thinking a 65x40" top should be enough to have a little extra room on the inside for clearance plus the top to mount the enclosure.

Consider what material you will be using for your enclosure, and what you might want to mount on the outside, like a monitor arm, dust collection, or coolant hoses. Aluminum channel or lumber, or if you have other fabrication techniques. If you only increase the dimensions by 5 inches, that only gives you 2.5" per side with no space between the enclosure and machine. Dust will get stuck and be hard to remove. I’m making a custom table for my 4x4, and giving myself an extra 12" each way (72x72), so I’m not restricted with how I design an enclosure.


On the enclosure I’m planning to do a 4 sided flip up version with latches on the bottom to have full side access and the ability to do pass through if I ever need that feature. Basically the only thing the table itself would be supporting is the four corners for the enclosure frame.

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Hi Mike,

This is indeed the 60x36 Uline table. It has 0.75 inches of clearance an other side of the X-axis; no clearance in the back; and 1 inch of clearance in the front. Probably not great for an enclosure. I’m just running a Festool HEPA vacuum plugged into the Sweepy mount, and sweeping up whatever that doesn’t catch.

That sounds pretty cool. Look forward to seeing pictures!

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