UMake, Shapr, putty 3D... iOS apps

I use Vectric VCarve Pro and I am looking for an inexpensive way to develop some simple 3D relief models for my so3. The AppStore for iOS has some really interesting looking apps but I am sure each is a little different. I am not the type of person that likes to fiddle with apps for days or weeks to evaluate whether it is the right one. I prefer to look around for info from others that have already done the tedious tinkering :slight_smile:

All these apps look amazing but most of what I see seems aimed towards 3D printing or developing models for AR or other digital art. Has anyone tinkered with any of these to work up simple to more complex relief work suitable for carving on a CNC ? Which one did you find most useable for this purpose?

Shapr3D paired w/ MeshCAM has been popular for folks using the Nomad.

List with some commentary/links at:

Given that Microsoft insists on my updating my machine to an unusable state (I can’t stand the text selection mechanism for styluses in Fall Creator’s Update and later, nor how the stylus is crippled to not work in legacy applications) I’m thinking I may have to try an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, a Mac Mini, and AstroPad.

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