Unable to create/edit tabs

When creating (or editing) a contour toolpath, I am not given the ability to add or edit tabs. There is a section of the lefthand pallet labelled Tabs, but that only has the boxes to edit width and height of the tabs. There is also a checkbox called “Ignore Tabs”. That is everything that is in the Tabs portion of the pallet. Also clicking on my drawing will not add any tabs. When I click simulate there are no tabs shown.
I am trying to create a first new file to test my new Pro. I am using Carbide Create, build 729 (2022-08-25) on a Mac (macOS012.5.1).

I can’t imagine what I’m doing wrong.

Thank You,
Bill Bentley

In CC7, this changed to being on the design tab.

As noted at:


Tabs are now a part of the vectors, not contour toolpaths.

We added a new tab command to add tabs to a vector. If you copy the vector, you copy the tabs too. This should be helpful for users that are doing production work where they may want to fine-tune the machining of a single item and then copy and paste an array of them for full production.

Look for the new command here:

New tabs command

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Thanks! I’ll read the whole V7 update before I ask any more questions. :slight_smile:

I, too, had trouble w/ manipulation of Tabs until reading WillAdams post. Works just as he said. I’m an old VCarve (Vectric) Pro user, so getting used to the nuances of Carbide Create Pro is coming, albeit slowly.

Thanks, Will! I was struggling with this and it’s apparently against my religion to read release notes. Haha

I don’t think we fully understood how jarring this change would be. I think it’ll end up being good, but we might have rethought it if we knew the initial confusion it would cause.

For the record, I had the same issue and went to the Tabs tutorial to figure it out when I upgraded from 6 to 7. The tutorial still shows the old way.


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