Unable to get .nc code out of Meshcam7

Hi, I’m a Nomad classic user that just added an XXL to my shop. I’ve entered my registration and Meshcam7 won’t produce anything but egc. How do I get nc?

You will need to connect to your machine, load the file, then you can get the plain text version of the file:

If you’ve loaded a .egc file (this is the encrypted gcode file format from Carbide apps), you can access the plain text version of the file by clicking the file path link at the top of the run window.

When I load the egc file it says “invalid gcode file” and the run button is dim.

My apologies.

The MeshCAM license for the Nomad is tied to only that machine — to enforce that (I believe starting w/ v7), we limit it to only making .egc, and don’t allow Carbide Create to extract the plain text version. If you need access to that you should purchase a separate, stand-alone MeshCAM license.

Thanks. They handled it since I purchased a pro lisence originally to access the art app