Unable to island when pocketing

I have imported several logos and am unable to get the island to work when pocketing, For instance the letter R i just end up inside edge of R and outside edge of middle then dremel the rest out. This is terrible but unable to get it going. If i add a text in CC it will island out but not when i import a logo. I know i need to set something up as i import from inkscape as an svg but not sure where to go.

As you see here on the Oilers logo i want to create black letters and pocket around it. My setup is a round piece of pine i stained then will pocket out the white areas with cnc.

The white part in the logo will be pocketed

I appreciate the help with this issue.

If you ctrl-select multiple groups of vectors, you can get the results you’re after. Sometimes you’ll need to create more than one tool path.

If you upload the carbide create file I’ll take a look.

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If @Adam_Xett’s suggestion doesn’t work, then the problem may be one of path orientation — make certain that all the paths have the correct winding for PostScript fill rule (outermost counterclockwise, inner-clockwise, and alternate).

If you would post the vector original, we’d be glad to look at it.

i have tried creating different tool paths with no luck, as i said if i created the letter R in CC it works fin but not in my logos. i have added a few files here, it happens to all of them so i am doing something wrong here.
Thank you!
RangersLogo_final1.egc (296.1 KB)
HuskerLogo18.egc (840.1 KB)
sfa18.egc (385.2 KB)

Please send the SVG / DXF original file (preferably SVG).

Here are my 4 problem files. Thanks!

Okay, there are two separate issues here.

Another consideration is that one can only Vcarve to the declared width of the V endmill.

This had paths with incorrect direction, overlaps, and hairlines where there was geometry which should’ve been removed.

I believe just incorrect path direction.

The same.

here too — there’s also a little notch at the top of the right bar I neglected to remove.

Hopefully all this will get you started.

I am not V-Carving…yet, haven’t gone that route but want to, just using ball cutter for these. I try to keep it simple by importing the logo into inkscape and creating svg for CC. It “mostly” works, haha. I am confused on how to get the files just right. I will check these out and try them, thank you so much.

As always Will i appreciate your feedback.

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Okay. I believe selecting for pocketing has the same limited depth of nesting issues — but you should be able to do all the above.

EDIT: for Inkscape, be sure to view in outline mode: View | Display Mode | Outline

Sometimes Path | Reverse will be appropriate to correct a path’s winding

Let us know some specific thing which you are having difficulty with and we’ll do our best to help.

Links to make access easier:





EDIT: For the Oilers logo to pocket the white add a surrounding bit of geometry.


sorry just got to work on this again. Took the new files but when adding in CC i get the same issue when trying to island out the logo or even the OILERS letters

Okay, to do this:

  • d/l 2.svg (I renamed it to 2-oilers.svg)
  • open it in Carbide Create and set the document size to 23 inches x 23 inches and the machine type to XXL
  • draw in an outer circle and center everything on the page, then select the outer geometry which defines the pocket which you wish to cut and the geometry which you wish to use to define any islands (control-clicking on a bit of geometry will add or remove it from the current selection):

Then apply the toolpath:

The big thing is, only geometry which is selected when one instantiates a toolpath is considered.

Adding a few more toolpaths one arrives at:


2-oilers.c2d (1.5 MB)

For reference, this has been added to: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Carbide_Create_Basics#Toolpaths_and_Geometry_Selections

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