Uncle: Trying again after being unable to make it happen

Attached is a sign file I’m trying to make for a desk at school and while I seem to have it looking ok in the “model” tab, when I go to Rough/Finish toolpath, it looks like trash???

I have some sample SP4 foam and am wanting to try it but not until I get a decent looking toolpath.

Any ideas??
(While I can do this 2D, am trying to get a more detailed lion depection)
Desk sign HSA.c2d (1.4 MB)

It would work to add a second finishing toolpath:

Except that the letters have straight sides which means that they should not be cut w/ either the #121 I added, nor the #111 which was originally used in the file.

Suggestion — draw geometry around the lions and use that to limit where the tools w/ turned down cutting edges are.

On the edge of looking stupid, if not cut with either the 121 nor the 111 which you added, what should the letters be cut with??

They will need to be cut w/ a tool which has a longer cutting flute length than their height — presumably a #102

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I think I’ve got it laid out correctly in order to get the lions well defined.

Can I get some ideas as to how best to handle painting? The platform is SF4 foam and I would like to make the lions a gold color, the lettering a blue and the background white. The outside edge is yet to be colored, but can be white ot maybe another color?

The lettering is just above the surface of the material so as to keep ormask on the top of the lettering.

If this makes any sense, anyone have any input as to how to cover and cut and paint?
HSA desk sign TESTING.c2d (1.5 MB)

OK. No ideas I guess so I’ll just wing it and see what happens.


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