Undesired carving during rapid move to the start point!

Hello everybody.i am sorry for my bad English but I will try to do my best.
Yesterday I make my first cutting operation in a piece of 15mm plywood sheet . I was a little bit frightening at the beginning but everything goes good! Expect one thing.
Whene I put the zero point, I was thinking the zplate go up a little bit before start the tool path but no… And every time the router make a rapid move , he make a little track ( over 1mm) inside my first cut…

Is it a setting inside my meshcam file or inside carbide motion? Thanks, and now I have to design my own dust shoes and my clamping board!

Usually there’s a setting called “safety height” or “retract height” which ensures that the endmill lifts up above the work piece and won’t gouge it.

In Carbide Create it’s a part of “Job Setup” — in the panel where you select your machine there’s a setting for “Retract Height”

For MeshCAM there should be a similar setting and you’ll see that rapid moves at the safety height are shown in red in the tooling preview.

What is your retract height set to? You need to make sure it is set to a value high enough to clear your stock and any fixturing you might have. You might also download a free gcode simulator like camotics so you can get an idea of what your toolpaths look like. You can then also see the actual height your gcode is telling your z-axis to go to. I have a feeling it’s your retract height though. The icon in meshcam looks like the image below.