Unexpected letter

Vcarve desktop 11
shapeoko 3xxl with plus
Carbide motion

Started a 3D carve and was looking real good until an error can’t remember the correct error but was something like
GBRL unexpected letter in command line

Is there any way to check the gcode, I clicked ok and the router started up but machine did not move

Any help would be great as it’s a 3D carve of a carp foe my grandson in England for Christmas

If you take a look at this post Click here I learned how to check the GCode without actually cutting anything.

At least you will be able to reproduce the error and capture what it is, screen shot would be helpful.

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Most likely this was caused by a temporary loss of communication.

Check all the usual EMI suspects:


and hopefully just resending the file will allow it to complete successfully.

You can test the file itself by going to the MDI, sending “$C” to put Grbl into Check mode, then sending the file (it will be processed, but the machine won’t move) — send $C again to get out of Check mode.

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So I ran the file after $C and not problems so I’m thinking some kinda electrical spike was dropped on the coms cable like Will suggests, I have re-routed my cable away from the AC and I’m running live again to see it it happens again

Looks like time to get some ferrite rings I guess
Just re-started will let y’all know what happens

Love the input tho folks, never even knew about $C until now

If it stops again I’ll post the line code it stopped on for further checking

Again appreciate the help guys

Well so far so good
The tool path has gone past where it stopped the last time so I’m thinking EMI was the issue

Fingers crossed

But hey everything happens for a reason, at least I found out about the $C command

Thanks guys



Finally got it done, bit more sanding and varnish should look good