Ungrouping Letters

Once words have been typed into carbide Create can I ungroup the individual letters? I know there is an option to group the words when I first type them but can find an option to ungroup. I feel like I saw an ungroup option but maybe not.

I might be wrong but i dont think you can manipulate individual letters after the words have been typed. What i do is create a minimal outside offset around the words then delete the original. That allows you to manipulate the letters any way you like.

You would need to convert them to outlines in order to be able to do this, see:

I read merging script fonts, actually understood most of it, but didnt see anything about convert letters to outlines. Im not using script fonts.
I will try creating the minimal outline. That sounds interesting.

Have you tried the “Convert to curves” option?
That makes the text just regular vectors (as if you made boxes or circles or …)

you can’t edit the text content afterwards anymore a downside…

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Well now I know what the convert to curves button does. I’ll give that a try.
Thanks, I think for the tip about dafont.com It’s like giving crack to the font junkie that I am! :rofl:

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Another source for fonts is Font Squirrel:

Naturally, one can purchase fonts as well.

Great, another rabbit hole to go down! They do have some interesting fonts though. Thanks! :grin:

I was finally able to try the convert to curves button. That did the trick. I was able to tweak a few spots that were too narrow for carving. Thanks all.

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I do have another font question.
If i want to change the words i have entered. I know after i convert to curves i cant but i select the word, click the type tool, sometimes the selected word can be changed, other times i just get the text word to enter new type.
So whats the difference?

Any sort of editing which changes the text from text to geometry/curves/polylines will prevent further editing as test — Boolean operations for example.

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