Universal G code sender?

Hi there

Is anyone using UGS as opposed to carbide motion? If they are is there any setup that you need to do before using it, for instance setting stepper motors up etc?

Also how can you control the speeds of things for things like rapid distance? Or is this just done through macros?



It used to be the standard app for the Shapeoko 2.

The stepper motor setup is all in Grbl, see http://docs.carbide3d.com/article/38-shapeoko-3-default-grbl-settings

Rapids w/in G-code and G0 commands are defined in Grbl — the interface allows you to pick increments and speeds and so forth — it’s quite nice, and very nice looking, about as easy to use as Carbide Motion, just more customizable (but this is well hidden from the naïve user).


@WillAdams on the same note, how is this?.


I tried UGCS and it works great except that I’m not that great with GCode and like the automatic tool length probing after every tool change. I’m assuming that in UGCS you could also probe for tool length and continue a job after a tool change, right?.


Chilipeppr has a lot of adherents, and is popular with folks who don’t mind cloud-based software — I’m also envious that it has direct support for my Contour Design Shuttlexpress (but not enough so that I’ll put up w/ the cloud) — I just don’t have a machine w/ a fast enough browser to fairly judge it.

@WillAdams Yes, I understand. I wouldn’t mind it if I see that it make my CNC experience better. I’ll give it a go. I was able to connect it successfully to my Nomad but didn’t get to far as far as doing anything with it. Will explore further.