Unknown Grbl error

I recently received my shapeoko 3 and just got it assembled. While in the process of surfacing the waste board, it would make a few passes then quit giving said error. Without changing any connections I closed the error box, and restarted the run. It would make a few more passes then stop again. This went on for several rounds until I gave up and quit. What might be going on?

Hi Edward,

Can you tell us which specific error message it was ?
By your description I would have said this sounds like an EMC-related disconnect, but usually this results in not being able to continue / having to restart Carbide Motion, which does not seem to be your case ? (I wonder if the latest versions of Carbide Motion would somehow be able to recover from a temporary EMC glitch and be able to restart a run, not sure)


Try running job as an “air cut”. Set zero above the wasteboard, and run the job without turning on the router. If it goes well, it’s EMI from the router as @Julien mentioned. Keeping that AC cord from the router away from your USB, and, even better, on a separate circuit should help. This is a frustrating problem that most of us have dealt with.


Thank you! I will certainly give that a try.

If you are using a dust collection system, the problem of static discharge causes the controller to lose connection. You need to ground your vacuum hose to the frame of the Shapeoko and ground the Shapeoko separately to the home ground.

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