Unnecessary Tool Change grbl postprocessor

CC adds an unnecessary pause tool change at the beginning of every gcode file, even though it’s not necessary. Presumably the tool was changed before running the job, if not that’s mistake you’ll likely only do once.

The tool change command simulation is nice for multi-tool jobs, although it’s pretty common to make each tool a separate jobs, but no need (and an annoyance) at a job’s beginning.

Disclaimer, I have a couple small routers, a 3018 and Zenbot Mini (being converted to a grbl_esp32 controller). SWMBO hasn’t yet approved an addition or new shop building that would let me add an SO, still working on that.

(Toolpath 1)
M05 (questionable too)
M0 ;T501 <----------

Carbide Motion will prompt for tools and provide a list of tools for a job. This doesn’t work if that first tool is omitted.
Because you’re not using Motion, this is annoying.
Someday, they’ll open up the post processors to be customized.

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If you have implemented the full complement of add ons for the Shapeoko, BitSetter, BitRunner and BitZero these commands make sense. If you do not have any of these otpions then click “Resume” when prompted or get yourself another CAD/CAM program.

You could edit the gcode file and take out the offending commands or just hit “Resume” when prompted.

You have choices so pick one and move on. It is pretty simple. You could use the native programs that came with your other CNC Router/Mill if they exist. Most of the low end CNC Router/Mills have no CAD/CAM programs because they did not invest in their hardware like Carbide3d has.

Again you can use your native OEM CAD/CAM programs, buy commercial software from $100.00-$5000.00, or use the Carbide3d Free programs designed to use on their hardware.

Another option would be for Carbide 3d to make their free software compatible with every machine ever made or that will ever be made. Seems like a no brainer for Carbide3d, make their software work for their machines and let other machine makers develop software for their own machines.


Sorry to have offended you, but there’s already a shapeoko specific post to handle these options, which aren’t present on all Shapeokos. This is using the grbl generic post where the extra pause isn’t necessary, and even with a shapeoko. Presumably shapeoko users start with their select bit already installed. It’s confusing to new users. This extra pause came about when the postprocessor system was added, and wasn’t present in previous versions.

After over 10 years of owning CNC routers and 50+ years as a software developer I’m quite aware that there’s other commercial software and own other packages. I’ve also been aware of Shapeoko’s since Ed’s first machine. I could mention that Carbide3D uses the free grbl firmware for motion control, but since an excellent choice despite the cost will skip that argument.

Presumably Carbide3D offered Carbide Create to all for a combination of business reasons, and because they’re great guys. The competition offers the abomination Easel, well known for annoyances like changing Z axis settings (specifically $102, Z steps/mm) on non-XCarve machines in it’s direct control driver. Inventable’s software, their right to do what they want, but it’s sure not going to encourage too many XCarve sales (is it a bug so embedded they can’t fix it, or is it a crafty marketing technique?). Carbide3D has been remarkably responsive (thanks Will!) to non-SO users questions, way beyond what would be expected, and this an issue that can affect SO users.

You seem to have taken quite a bit of offense to this, and a couple other forum members have joined in with likes. Sorry, not my intent.


@Mooselake Like I said, I think you’ll have to wait until they open up the post processors for customization. The tool change workflow issues, I think, are C3D’s way of trying to make it hard to mess up. The problem is, people will always find ways around those safeguards and need things up.
Easel only changes your settings if you use it to control your machine. You can export gcode and use whatever sender you’re currently using with Create.
I think your best bet now is to just remove that M0 manually.


@neilferreri I hear you. I did some casual looking for the postprocessors yesterday but didn’t figure out where they were hiding, if nothing else maybe a little binary editing…

Easel’s latest glitch seems to be offsetting some toolpaths (like an occasional letter), that’s at least sometimes cured by changing stepovers. I had some unexpected recliner time due to knee issues and somehow ended up answering questions on another router forum where easel and cc are the big beginner tools. Easel’s Z zap comes up at least once a day, despite pretty much easel discussion including mention of exporting gcode and using another gcode sender to avoid the issue. I’ve never registered for or used easel but spend a lot of time telling others how to deal with it’s quirks, plus acquiring a rep as a carbide create evangelist. Sounds like that might annoy a few here, alas.

I remove my M0 manually, actually since I’ve replaced the stock spindle on the dinky router with a much faster 775 motor (20K vs 7K stock) have to edit the gcode to step the speed up. The stock power supply is just a hair small for the inrush current and needs to be coaxed to life. Could swap that for a bigger one, but the goal is a faster motor that works with stock. The bigger issue is more a new user one, keep seeing variations on “I tried carbide create but can’t get the router to start”. Wonder how many just give up and try something else instead, what with being new to all of it.

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While and annoyance at times it is needed a lot especially if you use the z probe.

Very rarely do I start off A file with a an end I’ll that works with the z probe. The majority of my projects start with a facing path with either a 1.5” or 2” facing bit these can’t be used with the z probe so I need a bit change to start most of my files.

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