Unwanted tool change

Button operation 4 use bitsetter.nc (87.1 KB)
button operation 4.c2d (404.0 KB)

I don’t understand why CC is creating a tool change when I have two consecutive operations with a 90 Vbit. The next tool has consecutive operations with an 1/8 endmill and no tool change is generated.

How can I control these changes? I’ve included the CC file, as well as, the NC generated.

Thank you in advance.

Carbide Create only supports using V endmills for V carving toolpaths — it expects a square or ball-nosed endmill to be used for a contour or pocket toolpath.

Presumably this is a bug caused by that assumption.

We’ll check and see what the developers think.

Yeah, I’m using the Vbit to put a chamfer on a cylindrical part. With a little math and some guide geometry, it works well for me.

Thank you

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Are you sure you’re using the same tool number for both operations? Usually a tool change is generated when the tool number changes.

Yes they are. I included the CC file at the top.

The comment before each tool has a different diameter 0.001 & 0.5. I’m wondering if the definitions being different cause a tool change even when the tool number is the same.

That’s interesting. I hadn’t noticed. Thanks for pointing that out.

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