Updated Carbide create and no GCODE NOW

Why after I updated my carbide create I go to create G CODE and it says in PRO only?? What gives??

The GCode is now saved into the design file (the .C2D file). Any recent Carbide Motion will open the C2D file and run the GCode that is inside it. If you need the GCode itself for some reason, CM can save it.

There is also a web page that can extract the GCode if you are really stuck.

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Thank you I’ll try it tomorrow. This site is very helpful to the beginner. Thank you all again.


newbie here i am trying to import into candle. and need G Code. do i need to buy the software?

If you have a shapeoko machine, then once you are connected to it using Carbide Motion you can save the code from Carbide Motion.

If you are away from your machine, you can use this web page to extract the GCode:

Finally, you can also buy the Pro software, and then you can directly save the GCode.

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thank you that link worked!!!

As noted at:

eventually, that web page will be gated w/ a customer list of machine owners.

Instead, use the unsupported v6:

What about those of us who bought their machines second hand?

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That’s a good question.

Please write in to sales@carbide3d.com to ask how that will be handled if someone doesn’t chime in here.

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Sales’ solution is to use my machine if I need to generate g-code.

that works but what a pain.

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