Updated Tool Library?

Does Carbide Create have a JSON file of the tool library? How can I get this data off of my Mac? I’d love to use this to create a JSON file for tools to import into Fusion 360.

Or, does anyone have an updated tool library of Carbide 3D’s cutters for Fusion360? Ideally it’d contain all of these, but fine if the Amana’s aren’t included.

Seems like this is the latest post that contains a tool library for fusion is this that references Winston’s original, but I’m not finding one that’s been updated since 2017. Tool libraries for Autodesk Fusion 360?


If you are in Carbide Create in the dialog box to select a tool (aka, create a toolpath, edit the tool) then you can take any of the main categories:

  • select the category
  • “Duplicate Library”

and this will create a user library that has all the tools and stored locally on your machine as a CSV file. Unfortunately, I don’t know where it’s stored on a Mac. On Windows it is in %AppData/Carbide Create/tools and I would expect something similar rooted where ever the application data is stored on a Mac.

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There isn’t JSON files but CSV files for the tool libraries in CC.

In the Tool Library click on any Carbide3D added tool libraries (they have lock symbols on them) and then click the Duplicate button at the bottom. A little form will show up. Mostly need to put in a new name like My Soft Wood if you are duplicating the Carbide3D-Shapeoko-Softwood. Do this for any libraries you want. Only User libraries are available as CSV files.

In CC go to help and click about. On that little box there is “Open Data Directory” or something like that.

I’m not sure if the MAC has this in the about box but you can check.

Then go into Carbide Create folder, then into tools folder.

You will see the CSV files.

Hope this helps.

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Awesome! Thank you both!