Upgrade options for SO2 1M gantry

I originally upgraded my SO2 from a 500x500 to a 1000x1000 using the two extrusion gantry configuration. This leaves a slight gap between the two extrusions and even with bolts and spacers this setup twists appreciably and I’m curious if there is a reasonable upgrade path to put a solid beam in there without changing all of the z-axis plates, rollers, etc…

There’s “Wide Makerslide” from Inventables, but I don’t know if it’s better than the home-grown solution of either a pair of angle extrusions or a T extrusion (or a pair of T extrusions?) in-between the two pieces of MakerSlide.

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You might get some better traction here: https://forum.shapeoko.com/

I think you could pull some flush connectors from mcmaster:

Look at the butt connectors, if you could get maybe two of those to sit on spots where they dont interfere with the machine, I think that should add some extra rigidity.

Also this might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQJKxtc8bf4


Possible on the other forums I guess. I got lost with the whole Inventables / Carbide / Shapeoko thing as I built this machine when there was only the one company and one forum so I came to where my account was still active and as I saw the Shapeoko tag I figured I’d start here :slight_smile:

That said you guys have been plenty helpful so far so it was worth a shot. I’ll take a look at that YT video and see if there is anything I can glean from that.

Those butt connectors go the wrong way. The make slides are sandwiched back to back to give a wide profile. I can get a picture but it looks exactly like the x-carve in the video since from what I can tell they are exactly the same machine with different color maker slides.

c.f., the Wiki section:


I’m afraid some relevant pages were deleted recently (see the logs) — the ideal of course would be an I beam exactly as tall and wide in the middle to fit between the two extrusions, but a pair of T extrusions would be a close second (maybe they could overlap?)

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Looks like the I-Beam solution from that video may help considerably. I’ll have to give that a try.

I forgot about the SO wiki. I think I even had some original content out there at one point but I’ll have to do some digging just to reminisce :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll find some other good nuggets that have been added over the last few years.

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