Upgrade to 618 causing issues

I did 3 things over the weekend, replaced my original oem router with the carbide Er11 router and upgraded Carbide motion from 5.xx to 618. and installed the bitrunner v2.

Now, when ever I hit pause the router lifts up a tiny bit but still runs. I have to hit stop in order to get it to actually stop. but then that ends the gcode. Also the no matter what I have amount of passes set to in my gcode (vcarve pro) the machine does what it wants. ie If i have 3 passes set the machine does 10 and goes extremely slow. I have a 1/16 end mill set to do 3 passes in 7/16" material (cedar) at 80ipm and its moving so slow that It doesnt even look like its moving. This gcode worked flawlessly for the past two years until i switched to CM 618.

is there a repository with older versions of CM so I can rule that out. Has anyone else seen this issue or have any ideas on how to fix this>

There have several reports here on the forum of this change of behavior. So you are not alone.

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the 6XX series of CM does many things different from the 5XX series, many of them extremely unpleasant surprises. If you want to go back to the 5XX series, see here:

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thank you so very much

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