Upgrade to CMv4 or not?

I’m looking to purchase a Touch probe once Carbide3D has them available, I just realized that I will need to upgrade to CMv4 in order to use it. Are there any gotchas if I upgrade now? Challenges?

Was completely smooth for me. At this point I’m not convinced CM4 has more issues than CM3, but only one has the beta tag.

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Ok…I have a small Furniture business that requires a lot of parts. Having a touch plate will make my life much easier. When I saw that that would require CM4 I panicked a little since this is still in beta. I can’t afford to have to track and troubleshoot issues with my workload.
It is comforting to know that you have had a Smooth go at it.

Most people have from what I can tell. I’m not sure what’s keeping them from taking the beta tag off, maybe they have a few plans for it they want in place first. I agree it’s nervewracking but upgrading to use the probe was a good choice for me.


Thanks Dan. I’m ready for the Probes to ship…

The only thing that I don’t like from CM3 to CM4 is not being able to modify the machining envelope manually. Other than that small gotcha CM4 is a nice improvement over CM3. The latest build feels pretty solid for the most part, some of the earlier builds had some odd behavior, but other than some minor annoyances it runs well. Probing and feed overrides are cool for sure.


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It’s my understanding that the remaining issues are cosmetic (loading a second file will still leave the first filename displayed in some instances, &c.).

One notable holdup is that the Carbide Updater program is 64-bit — not a big deal, but it doesn’t line up with the system requirements for Windows.

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