Upgrade to grbl 1.1 question

Can I just flash grbl 1.1 to the Shapeoko controller, or are there some special steps involved. I’d like to use the new features like feed override and such.



You have to use a compatible communication / control program since the protocol changed.

I’m using Chilipeppr/jpadie which seems pretty stable so far. I’ll give UGS a try athough the Windows OS has been a bit flaky as of late, dropping USB connections. I’ll try CM4 if those other options fail. Should I just use HexUploader (OSX)? Will CM4 fail if it is generic grbl 1.1 and not the Carbide 3D. I must say using a Mac has been so much more stable for keeping the USB connection to the controller. Windows machine drops conn every time the wind blows…


HexUploader should work fine.

Not sure if anything special is compiled in to Grbl 1.1 by Carbide3D — if there is, it’d just be for use w/ CM4.

Thanks Will, I’ll give it a shot.