UPGRADE TO: What did you cut on your Shapeoko / Nomad today?

Would it be possible to make this a CATEGORY in which the submissions are listed individually?

I just scanned UP through all of the items in the existing “What did you cut” today and it is a very long list of items, so long that it is confusing.

Making a NEW CATEGORY of “What did you cut on your Shapeoko / Nomad” more like the community listings would make this much easier to read and refer back to occasionally.

It would also help contain comments about a certain POST to that particular POST.

Isn’t that essentially what the “Gallery” category is for?

It seems the topic in question is coming full circle, since it was created for posts that people didn’t think warranted their own topic in the Gallery. How does one decide where their post should go?


Like Tod mentioned, we’ve got a gallery for anyone who’d like it, and we’d love to see it used more.

The “What did you cut today” thread is the longest-running thread in the forum so we’re assuming people like it and we’d be reluctant to change anything at this point.


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