Upgrade V4 and Gbrl v1.1 OK?

I’ve been watching the forum about the V4 and Grbl v1.1 updates and it seemed pretty buggy. Have these been worked out? Just wondering if I should do it or not…

I avoided it for the same reason but I’ve run a few small test jobs with it and no issues so far.

On my side I upgraded a few weeks ago and I’m happy I did. The smooth jogging alone justified the upgrade, and I have not had any negative side effects on my (limited) workflow. YMMV.

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At the risk of being crass;
Like most things, if you follow the directions (for real) and take your time, you likely won’t have any show stopping issues.

Grbl 1.1 in itself is rock solid.
CM4 has some quirks, but they get addressed quickly by C3D and you can always use another gcode sender.