Upgrade XL to XXL?

Thinking of buying a Pro XL as my first Shapeoko. It fits the space I currently have, which isn’t large enough for an XXL.

Is an upgrade kit available should I change my mind in future?

I bought an xl also recently and was wondering the same thing

While we had upgrade kits available for the SO3 series, for the Pro and the SO4 there is too much structure which would need to be replaced and the price would be too high — the way to upgrade from one size to another of the current machines is to sell it and purchase a new, larger machine.

XL is perfect, as if you need the XXL space, you can use tiling to do projects that are larger than the XL space.
XXL is a large space commitment and not everyone has that level of space to spare in their workshop/house/whatever.

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I had an xl and xxl so3. I sold the xl. I have the room for xxl so space is not an issue. As Josh said you can tile but you need room to tile. So having the smaller machine to do the larger machine work is offset by needing the space. Your requirement should be decided by 90 percent of the work you do. The 10 percent you need the extra space could be accomadated temporarily. So define your requirement and buy accordingly. FY I the Vetric vcarve pro is twice as much to tile as the Vetric Desktop which does not tile.

Definr your requirements and add up total cost of ownership. Total machine cost and software costs to do what you want to do.

The xxl is better to have and not need it than not have it and need it.


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