Upgraded air spindle

(Stephen Taylor) #1

Anyone use a larger air spindle on their shapeoko? If so what do you use. Not sure if I want an air or water (more work it seems) the noise isn’t an issue for me.


(Gary) #2

The bearings in the water cooled I’m told will last longer and you can run sustained at a lower rpm then air.

(Stephen Taylor) #3

Yea , I’m just worried about the setup. I don’t have a ton of time on my hands right now. I don’t want the machine down too long

Edit: also there’s so many choices, I have no idea.

(Stuart) #4

I have a 1.5kw cheap Chinese air cooled spindle with a huanyang vfd. It’s 65mm diameter so fits in the spindle mount with the provided reducer.
Seems a bit more powerful than the makita I had before, but the big plus for me is that the spindle turns itself on and off as required, and sets speed through the gcode :slight_smile:
I’ve had it almost 3 years with medium use and the bearings are fine so far, I didn’t expect them to last this long

(Luke) #5

I didn’t find using a water cooled setup took any extra time to setup really. Just 2 pipes, a tank and a motor… Nice and quiet.

(Stephen Taylor) #6

I guess since you put it that way. Now I need to make my brain not have buyers remorse before I buy one.

Again there’s alot of choices like I check Ali Express and there’s packages from like $200 that have good reviews, but I’m really paranoid.

(Jonathan Anderson) #7

Except when you live in Minnesota, the outside air temp is -20C, and your Shapeoko is in an unheated garage. Then keeping water not frozen becomes an issue.

(Daniel Story) #8

I am curious if adding anti-freeze what be ideal in this case.

(Luke) #9

A very good point however I would add I use antifreeze as coolant. Its regually in the minus figures over here, maybe not quite miunus 20 though

(Gary) #10

I did use an antifreeze/water mixture. I live in central Calif. so freezing is not an issue for me, but I wanted the anticorrosion that you get with it.

Mine did take a few weeks to do though, but that because I tore mine all the way down and built it up with modifications to items I thought were lacking or done to below my standards. I incorporated Mr. Beavers HDZ, new track for my upgraded drag chains, custom wiring and connectors. All in all quite a bit of work.

(Gary) #11

Don’t forget the little spinny thing Luke, or did you not do that.

(Gary) #12

(Luke) #13

My spinney thing doesn’t really work…

(Gary) #14

Try turning it over like mine.

(Neil Ferreri) #15

You’ll be -20F this week, right? We’ll be -20C in Ohio.

(Jonathan Anderson) #16

Antifreeze was what I thought about, I just didn’t know how it would work with the spindle. Good to know it works for someone.

Yep, we’re planned to hit -35C tomorrow here. I’ll be inside under an electric blanket.

(Gary) #17

Did you ever try turning it over?

(Luke) #18

Not yet, but I ill be

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