Upgraded to HDZ on my shapeoko 3xxl Ran a job. No it goes down when initializing the machine

I bought the machine used came with HDZ that never was installed . Did all the install set up etc . Ran two jobs . Then went to run another job and the machine goes down when I hit initialize. Says zero x limit switch error . Close carbide motion on my tablet . If I change setup to a belt drive z it runs up gives same error closes carbide motion on tablet . Looked at all connections for limits switches . All are connected correctly. Any ideas where to start next

If the Z-axis moves backwards when the correct Z-axis configuration has been sent what probably happened is that the motor was re-wired to to reverse the Z-axis motor movement because the Z-axis spindle carriage plate was installed upside down, reversing Z-axis movement.

Power down and check the Z-axis motor wiring — if it’s different from the other motors swap the pins around to make the colour-ordering the same, if it’s the same swap the left (or right) pair of pins in some way (make note of the current arrangement just in case) — that should reverse the motor to run the expected direction.

It was working fine . I ran a cut . It properly initialize when I first turned it on went to the bit sitter zero cut the job . Turned off disconnect from lap top went to lunch came back to run a job and it started acting up . When configured to HDZ or - zplus It only runs down an inch or so and stops goes up a half inch and i get z axis limit switch error , and carbide motion closes its self on lap top . When i configured it back to belt drive z axis it runs up an inch then down a half inch get same error and carbide motion closes . I looked at the wiring for drive motors and they are the same .

Is the Z-axis homing switch stuck on?

Let us know at support@carbide3d.com

I do not know how to tell if that is the case

I think it is looks like the blue light is staying on

If the Z-axis homing switch is stuck on, that will need to be resolved.

Contact support@carbide3d.com

Thank you , i assume replaced or possibly wires cut and shorting out .

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