Upgraded to xxl. Nothing Cuts Correctly

Hi. I recently upgraded to SO3 xxl. Assembly went well despite a lack of documentation from Carbide3d on upgrading. After completion I tried to run a few files that I use frequently and they came out horrible. For example one file is basically v-carved text and instead of nice clean and rounded letters everything came out misaligned and very boxy. I checked the mechanics of the carriages, belt tension, and eliminated the temporary clamping setup I had to the more affixed style I normally use to assure myself that it wasn’t movement in the clamps. I am a woodworker, not an engineer of any sort, so if anyone has some plain English recommendations that may help me get back on track I would appreciate it. Links to any useful documentation would be good too. Thanks.

You say you check belt tension, how about v-wheel adjustment?

Yes, all eccentric nuts are positioned correctly and there is no play in the carriages.

Also check to make sure that one of the pulley set screws is against the flat on the motor shaft and both set screws are tight. Check this for each motor.

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Thanks, I will check that.

Turns out there was a loose motor mount on the x stepper motor, guess I missed it when I was double checking everything. Thanks for the help everyone.

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Please use the operating checklist:


Thanks for the link…