Upgrading 1.5kw to 2.2kw spindle?

I’ve been looking around for possible spindle options in case my current one goes out on me and I was wondering if it’s possible to upgrade to a 2.2kw spindle using the same VFD that shipped with my 1.5kw shapeoko? I’m not set on doing it yet but it’s become apparent that the spindle is becoming the limiting factor as I make used of the HDM’s rigidity. I know I’ll have to switch to 220v but I’m not sure how involved that process is, especially with the rest of the electronics box wired for 110.

This is not possible as the VFD that C3D sells is only rated for 13A at 110V. You will need to purchase a new VFD as well as a new spindle.


Ok, thanks for the info.

If I were to get an entirely new vfd and motor, would I be able to keep the original control board for carbide motion?

You can use the HDM warthog controller with other VFD’s and spindles.

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