Upgrading SO3 to XL vs buying new

This has probably been discussed before. I have an SO3 and occasionally need a bit more cutting area. What are the benefits to upgrading vs new? I have already upgraded the Z axis plate and have limit switches, and installed a jack for a touch plate.

If you have made a similar upgrade I would really like to hear your impression of the new vs your old machine.

I did the upgrade, and it was fine (even though it was early days — the experience should be a bit smoother now). I feel a bit bad about all the leftover/replaced parts.

Reasons to go w/ a new machine

  • can sell the original for a good price
  • have some other purpose / use / location for the current machine


  • saves some money
  • leftover parts which can be repurposed (or sold — there’re a couple of folks who have been wanting them) — I’m still surprised no one has worked up a plan to use the 3 leftover rails from an XXL to make a Delta 3D printer