Upgrading to Grbl 1.1 on windows x86

Hello everyone!

First off, as a new poster but long time lurker, I want to express my gratitude to this community for all the info. I have so far figured most every issue I have encountered via a little searching and tinkering. This issue however I can not seem to find info for.

I am atempting to upgrade to grbl v1.1 and motion 4 to provide feedback. In doing so I located the page (http://carbide3d.com/carbideupdater/) and attempted to update my controller. However I am met with this message when I attempt to open the CarbideUpdate.exe application:

My windows machine info:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Service Pack1
Intel Core2 Duo E6750
32 Bit operating system
2 Gig ram

If anyone has ideas or info it would be greatly appreciated!


I suspect that they’ve only done a 64-bit version — contact the beta e-mail address noted on the 1.1 upgrade thread?

Hm, Interesting it would be 64 bit only. I will find that email and give that a shot. Thanks!

Or, it ma be that it’s not finding/installing the right version of the support libraries ― install manually?

I have a 64 bit laptop I use for my day job. This is using an “older” 32 bit desktop I had kickin around and put in my workshop. I might try my laptop, I just want to make sure the firmware and carbide motion are 32 bit compatible if I get the GRBL updated.

Perhaps a Service Pack 2 upgrade is what’s needed… or there may be a .NET framework update required. The Carbide crew will know…

Well, quick update for anyone else that sees this. I managed to use my laptop that is running a 64bit OS to perform the update and it was successful. Looks like that is a 64bit build. It still runs great on my 32 bit machine once I got the update competed.

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