Upgrading Z Plus to HDZ

I purchased the XL with the Z+ and decided to get the HDZ. I need a bracket for the home sensor and of course they aren’t available yet. I also have read in another post that the HDZ will take a different stepper motor and that should have been included?

I’ve got my 2.2kw Spindle and the HDZ just sitting here while I drool, please can you provide me with the upgrade necessary to make it work?

I’ll make a vid of the upgrade to help others once you have an upgrade kit available.

I find it strange that C3D would change the type of stepper used for the HDZ from the standard one.
My HDZ use the standard stepper, but my HDZ is pre C3D(Beaver Blue).

The Z Plus has an integrated lead screw which I believe saves on the cost of the Z Plus which is why it can’t be used with the HDZ


Please contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to get you a replacement motor and the necessary bracket.

What is this about a different stepper motor for the HDZ? I just reused my stock Z-axis motor. :thinking:

The Z-Plus uses a stepper motor with integrated lead screw — the stock belt-drive and HDZ use ordinary stepper motors.

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