US source endmills - update

I posted on RogueSystems a while ago. They are my number 1choice for endmills. Figured I’d post again for the flood of new CNC’rs coming on board.

They have really expanded their product offering and are still rated 100% satisfaction on eBay after several years.


Just placed an order for a variety of cutters last night.
Reasonably priced endmills while I get more acquainted my machine and workflow.

Thank you! Much appreciated

How do you compare them with drillman1 on eBay. Just a different selection?

#drillman1 is a good choice as well, I buy from there too.

RogueSystems just appeals to me ‘cause it’s two guys in Oregon making high quality products. Plus they are willing to consider making new mills on request.


Good to know. Always good to have options!

I wonder if they’d consider either making reduced shank endmills or single flute endmills. Both seem to be hard to come by.

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We’ll see.

The request has been submitted.

I’ve never used RogueSystems, so I have no comment other than @Griff ‘s endorsement is one I would follow(he makes some really cool stuff!!!),

I have personally bought from drillman1 several times. Just received some new 60 degree V bits from him on Thursday (a day earlier than quoted). Price was great (5 Kyocera 1/8” V’s for less than $25 including shipping and Texas sales tax). They came in a handy plastic case. Used one today to make a handful of Boy Scouts Blue and Gold banquet awards and it went flawlessly!!! Pretty good since my machine has laid mostly dormant for a few months since I acquired my wood lathe(it’s become an obsession).

This is probably my 4th order and the first place I look now when ordering end mills.



Oh come on, a lathe! How can that be more addicting then an SO3? Short attention span? (They have a label for that these days…ummm)

Ridicule over, what’d you get? Mini or ? Been thinking about one myself, ha. Forum?

I bought a Nova Comet II midi lathe, which so far has been plenty for me. Plan to outlay 2x more $$$ on chucks and tooling although you can get by with less.

Yea, I’ve gone full circle. I started with small tools, Dremels and Xactos, then bigger tools, then 3D printing, then CNC…and now I’m back to using my hands again. I absolutely love turning and wish I had picked it up sooner, it’s a great break from my day job where everything is measured to the last 0.0001”. I think it was @gbilger that told me it’s not a mistake if you can fix it! I really like that mantra.


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Any update on talking to Bill about those endmills?

I think we’ll just have to keep an eye on the eBay store.

Hopefully those who spot the new offerings will report here. @Griff, do you have a list of the endmills we should look forward to see on E-bay? Did you get any feedback on your request from Bill?

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Hey! They sell single flutes now! And not just any single flutes but 1/8" single flutes with a 1/4" shank for $13! This is a steal. I’m going to pick a couple types up once mine break (which is sooner rather than later if I run them into my dowel pins).

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@Griff Any news on the endmills you suggested?

I see some carbide endmills that are identified as AlumaCut that are obviously made to cut aluminum. Has anyone tried those? The price seems to be reasonable.

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