US source for glued panels

Trying to limit labor time.
Anyone know a source for 3/4" pre-glued hardwood panels? Something like maple or ash or even poplar would work.


What sizes and quantities are you looking for?

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Hey Brian,
Really just exploring options right now. I tend to work 5min at a time (3 young kids), so it’d be nice to find an easy source. Low quantities, maybe 2’ x 1’ ish in size.
Like this kind of stuff… Cheap panels. But in the US.

Not sure about hardwood but you can get glued poplar panels at Menards. They may have some hardwood to. They are bigger panels but you can cut them to the size you need and the big box stores are ussually pretty close.I buy alot of the poplar panels and the more i think about it they have panels in red oak.


You can also get preglued hardwood panels in plastic wrap


Lowe’s sells a 24”x24”x1” thick glued up teak panels. I split them in half and make cutting boards.


That must be a regional thing. I’m sure we don’t have anything like that here. I don’t see anything online either.

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Available in the Houston area:


My local source for hardwoods, they have locations in Anaheim, CA & Riverside, CA.
If your not close shipping probably would be cost prohibitive.
Reel Lumber

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