USB cord and power cord

First I screwed up. I bent the connectors on both the usb cable and the power cord where they connect to the Shapeoko. Hey Wlll , are they both just standard cords ? Is the power cord the same as any computer power cord ? And the USB cord … what terminology or features do I need to buy a good and proper usb cable ? I just don’t want to screw anything else up. Maybe model numbers if there are any ? Thanks Will and anyone else.

Best USB cable option I know of is: Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A/B Cable with Ferrite Chokes (M/M) — it’s available in 3 and 6 ft. lengths — a cable w/ full braided metal sheath is as good I think, but I don’t know of any reliable part numbers / descriptors.

The Tripp Lite is quite affordable from Amazon, but is an add-on item.

The power supply cord is a standard item as well. The power end is described at:

standard C13 cord with a NEMA 5-20 plug

This should be a compatible power supply w/ cord at the other end:

I think that’s for a Nomad, but the extra capacity won’t hurt — if someone knows of an exact replacement for a Shapeoko I’d be glad of it.


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That is the part that plugs into the wall. The adaptor itself has a four pin plug for the computer which is appearently different, by the picture of the pin on the front of the adaptor. I tried to find one at the computer repair store and they couldn’t match it. I’ll wait for support to respond to my email. Thanks Will The amazon one you linked does have the same plug, electronic stores aren’t like the old radio shack which also isn’t like it used to be either.

He lists both the power supply part (that has the 4 pin connector) and the nema cord that plugs into the wall. Those are the only two parts to the power supply. You can’t get the cable between the brick and 4 pin end all by itself.

If that’s now what you’re looking for, maybe a picture of what you have and are trying to replace?

Probably you could get just the cord from an electronics supply house.

This is what I need, I bent the 4 pin connector, the comp store guy told me it’s not that bad so it’ll probably be okay. I replaced the usb cord. It freaked me out because a couple years ago I had all my files on a stick drive (thinking that’s secure) and bent that while it was in the computer. I lost 400 dwgs and 6 months of research. It took me 18 months to attempt that project again. Oddly the main thing I remembered from all my research was how to correct the main problem I was having and completed it in one month. Just in time to give my grandson a prototype new toy om his birthday. That toy is scheduled to be the 3rd project for the Shapeoko. Tomorrow will be better except tomorrow never comes (it’s tomorrow !). Thanks for the support.

Here’s both connectors (cable end and PCB) used for Shapeoko power:


Thanks Jim, if it doesn’t work in am I’ll order one and splice it on.

Power cable works but the new usb cable stills does not connect the controller. I looked at the board and the little box that the usb plugs into is loose and wiggly. Seems likely that wiggly box would be the culprit. Loose connections on a circuit board don’t work correctly IMO. I’ve e-mailed support with “Broken Shapeoko” as the subject line. I want to give support a chance to fix this, Thank you all for your support.
Update, see my new top “immediate help from Carbide3d”.

The 4 point DIN connector on my power supply has shorted out and has detached from the main cord. Does anyone have a link/source to purchase the power adapter with pin connector? I did try the link in this thread that Will provided but they are no longer available.

If you can’t find a source, contact and we’ll work this out.