Use 2 End Mills for 1 Pocket?

Does Carbide Create have a feature where I can use a 1/4" end mill to clear out a pocket and then follow it with an 1/8" end mill to clean up the finer detail in the pocket without the 1/8" bit doing the entire pocket over again?

Nope, CC does not support automatic Rest Machining (yet).

In simple cases you can kind of do it by adding geometry to limit the areas where the 1/8" will go (e.g. draw boxes in each corner of the main pocket)


You could possibly do a profile cut with the 1/8" bit to only do the edge cleanup, but I guess it would really depend on the specific application.


I think both ideas are good. I’m a rookie at this so just starting out but I could see where both could work.

This feature is pretty useful. I use it quite a bit. In VCarve you just add a whole bunch of bits into the vcarve or pocket and it figures out which to use for what.

Be nice to add to CC especially since Advance VCarve almost does this.

On more than one occasion I have run a Carbide Create Pocket operation (with 1/4 bit) and then run a Carbide Create Contour along the inside (with 1/8 or 1/16 bit) to clean up the edge and get into the corners a little deeper.

This is how I cleared out the water in my Fallout4 map. In the image below with the first “Water Top” group, the Water 1/8 was a pocket and the Water 1/16 was an inside contour that got the edge detail the 1/8 bit could not fit into.


Are you using VCarve desktop or pro version?

Just the Desktop version. I think the main difference for Pro is the size of the work area.

Just glancing at your map makes me think of my English show Eastenders. I used to watch that serial show with my daughter on Sunday night. In the UK it is a daily soap opera like show that has been on forever.

But just glancing at the picture reminded me of the show’s splash screen at the beginning of the program it is a map of the Thames River

image .

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