Use of Protective Film

New to CNC! Trying to figure some ideas on surface protection of finished material. Example of idea would be making a wooden American flag 4 foot wide. Starting project by cutting 3/4" wood to size. Next tape out union and stain/paint blue. Next painting strips every 2". Then applying protective film over top of surface prior to starting machining. Set up and run machine with grooving at the transitions of strips, vcarving stars and final perimeter cutout. Once project is machined, remove project and paint stars. After allowing to dry remove film. Here is the film I had in mind to use. Any one have any ideas or experience with using protective film. I know with laser printers you can not use plastic as it will melt, you have to use the tape. Jut wanted some advice! TIA.

I had a roll of similar “Protective Film” and it wasn’t sticky enough to withstand cutting. It just ripped up where it was cut. I gave it to my son to actually protect floors during construction.

I use the Oramask 813, and it sticks really well. Just keep in mind if applying over paint, let the paint fully cure (not just dry) before applying the mask. (This could be 3 days in cooler temps.)
Others have mentioned cheap shelf paper from Walmart / Kmart works just as well.

I just recently got a drag knife, so precutting the film before machining leaves a really nice edge. And if you remove the sections of film where you’re going to cut you don’t gum up the cutter.


A cheap and local alternative to Oramask is EasyLiner Adhesive Shelf Paper at Walmart.

I also use Oramask but the adhesive shelf paper is available locally at Walmart. I use a J Roller on Oramask and/or adhesive Shelf Paper. That makes it stick down well. If your Vee bit is sharp it will stay in place but really indicate designs the masking may peel off. There are just no good answers sometimes.


Thank you both Tod and Guy. I will look into these products! Knew I wasn’t the only one.

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