Use v bit cutter for chamfer?

Trying to create the chamfers around the edges of this part (and the holes) on the Nomad 3:

The only endmills I have are the ones that came with the starter pack and also this one: #302 0.50" V-Bit Cutter - 60°

I believe none of the ones in the starter pack are suitable for chamfers (correct me if I’m wrong) but would the V bit cutter be able to do it? Or do I need to buy a 1/8" chamfer cutter specifically?

Oh and if the V bit cutter can do it, would it be able to do it in aluminium? I know people generally say you can’t use the 1/4" cutters with ali, but as its such a small cut would it be ok?


The 301 and 302 are not intended for aluminum.
I use the 501 PCB Mill for aluminum chamfers. It doesn’t provide a large amount of depth, but it definitely creates a friendlier edge.
I’ve also recently ordered an actual chamfer mill. I’ll be messing with it, via Carbide Create, this week.


Damn, how would anyone know that before buying them?

Which chamfer mill did you get? I’m struggling to find many for sale here in the UK in small enough size to work with the nomad

Ive used a whiteside 90 and 60 degree v to chamfer aluminum. Worked great. No damage to bits.
Ive even used thoise cheap 30 degree ones . the fine tips get muted but they work.


Hey Chris,

I just ordered this one: LakeShore Carbide End Mills-Carbide Thread Mills - CHAMFER MILLS 90 DEGREE INCLUDED ANGLE

Winston has used it on several parts here in the shop. I will be experimenting with it this week… More info to come.

  • Kevin
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Hey Kevin,
I cut alot of shapes out of thin aluminum sheet and while the bottom edge usually comes out pretty clean, the top side edge can sometimes be a little rough. I dont have any chamfer bits but i do have a few 501’s. Any chance you could give me an idea of how to set up a tool path to do this in carbide create?

Hey Chris.
We talked about this exact thing on Carbide Create Live. I’ll have it up Monday with Chapters. I think you’ll get an idea from that. I’ll also drop a file here when I’m back in the office that day. .


Thanks Kevin, that’s great.

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