User Macro - Help or tutorial guide available?

I’m sure the information is here somewhere, but where?

Under the CM Quick Actions there are user defined macros. I"m not new or unfamiliar with Gcode programming. I thought I would give it a stab and tried to write one that takes me to a specific X & Y in the current set zero location. I wrote the G0x5.0000y5.0000. Nothing happens,

Where is the tutorial or help section on this? Thank you.

Sadly there is help / docs missing for a bunch of things. (Creating shapes in CC for example)

I was able to get a simple G-code macro to work

Quick Actions → Edit User Macros → Add → Enter name, description, g-code →
Save → OK
The macro appeared in the Quick actions menu, and when I clicked it, it did what I had entered.
I used:

G20 (Inch)
G53G0X-1Y-1Z-1 (Rapid to 1" away from the Home zero point)

Be mindful of your current workpiece zero point if you don’t specify G53. CM uses G54 be default.

Now the questions, at least for now are: Can I call a macro from a program? And can I use variables?

I tried

G0X0Y0Z1 (rapid above my current work zero)

It errored, I assume on the $200. Just said, “Illegal character”

Quick action are simple GCode only. No variables, no reading machine state, no subroutines.

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Then why didn’t it work for Bushmeister?

I suspect because he didn’t save & execute the macro. Only tried to run it from the “Edit Macro” dialog.
I did the same thing the first time. Then realized I had to “Add” a macro, edit it, then save it.
But we won’t know until he replies. :wink:


Finally figured out what was happening; I had entered my gcode in the macro area. Then I saw the button that says make it relative to the current work origin. When I pressed that, it cleared my code and added the WCS.

I don’t know where my head was, I was thinking it concatenated what I had entered. After my brainfart, I started fresh. I clicked the ‘make relative to zero’ button and then added my code. All works well. It was my first time testing the quick action macros.

Thanks guys for your input. It’s great to have a good support group, even when you embarrass yourself. LOL

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