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[Allright, I won’t let a server crash get in the way of building that list of users we had started. I can’t quite remember who had sent me their info already, there was @WillAdams, @neilferreri, @dakyleman, @ctdodge (I think) and a few more: would you mind re-sending me your info, pretty please?]

There are requests from time to time about having a map of community members, and while I won’t maintain a fancy Google map, here’s the low-tech version of it, hopefully it will be just as useful.

Folks interested in having their names added here should send me a PM with their info:

  • location (vague enough that there is no privacy concern, country+state is fine, city if you feel comfortable sharing that information)
  • what machine (and potentially mods) you have.
  • a one-liner about you, your CNC mantra, your favorite saying, something like that.

  • USA

    • @dakyleman - Columbus, Ohio - Shapeoko3XXL(no mods…yet) - Excels at finishing one project for every ten I come up with.¨
    • @enl_public - New Jersey, though not born here - Nomad Pro (early unit) - “When you want to sound smart, attribute whatever you say to Einstein”-- A. Einstein
    • @Hifidelite - “Midtown” Phoenix, Arizona - early Shapeoko 3 with flat plate and homing switches mod! - “Good, Fast, Cheap; but quality is never an option”
    • @WillAdams - Mechanicsburg, Pa - Shapeoko XL #0006/Nomad 883 Pro #596 - Edits the wiki some, occasionally makes stuff.
    • @MrGNY - Mid Hudson Region NY - Shapeoko 3XXL - Wow would you look at that.
    • @ColdCoffee - Norman, Oklahoma - Nomad 883 and Shapeoko XL.
    • @ctdodge - Bristol, CT - home of ESPN - Shapeoko 3XXL with HDZ and soon (hopefully) a .8kW spindle - Pretty cool the way this makes custom carved firewood and even some decent projects.
    • @RoughDraft40 - Rochester, NY - Shapeoko 3 XL w/ Acetal baseboard - Hindsight is 50-50
    • @dps529 - Fremont, North Carolina - Shapeoko XXL moved 3 times in the last year and a half finally at my forever home (at least I hope), was part of the Shapeoko 7, like to help young people to work in trades even if just as a hobby.
    • @Tmoore - Sidney, Ohio - Shapeoko 3xxl/BitSetter/BitZero/HDZ - Self-taught, now I can’t leave my Shapeoko alone!
    • @neilferreri - Dublin, OH (Suburb of Columbus150mi southwest of Cleveland) - SO3 upgraded to XL and, thanks to the Shapeoko 7 , working on a modded SO3 for my classroom - “Put some safety glasses on, click Run, and see what happens.”
  • UK

    • @LiamN - London - Shapeoko 3XXL HDZ 2.2kW spindle - Studied Electronic Engineering, ran a software startup for the last 12 years, I like anything robotic and building stuff, several programming languages, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis etc.
  • Canada

    • [WIP]
  • France

    • @Julien, near Paris - Shapeoko3/HDZ/2.2kW spindle/Laser - “Measure twice, cut once, adjust stock to leave, cut once”
    • @Bwood34 (Vivien), near Montpellier - Shapeoko3 XXL - “Le plus beau des métiers, c’est de vivre de sa passion…”