Using Alcohol for Cutting Aluminum

I’ve been communicating with a friend from Japan for the past few years using google translate. He’s the one who recommended using olive oil to help to get clean surfaces, especially in curves. I would like to share his last statement, and again, this is google translations:

“When aluminum is processed by dry cutting, it adheres to the blade.
If alcohol is used as a lubricant/coolant, it can be processed neatly.”

Your comments?!!!

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Using proper feeds and speeds you can dry cut aluminum until the cows come home. Any edge buildup can be cleaned with a lye solution without harming the carbide.

And alcohol/water mix (at least 50/50) is preferred to lower flammability.

You only need to spray enough to that it evaporates mostly by itself. If you have puddles either you are spraying too heavy or arent making enough heat /force to even need it.

Feeling froggy…wd-40 can be added to the alcohol for more lubricity for fine finishes.


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