Using carbide 3d R0700 trim router uk 240 volts

It appears I have bought a 110 volt trim router, any sugestions for using it on uk 240 volts

You could use a step-down transformer, but it would be much simpler to just source a Makita RT0700 which runs on 220V.

As Will says, probably easier to just buy a Makita but if you prefer to go the transformer route, there’s lots of "site transformer"s available such as this one as they’re commonly used in construction.

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What plug is on the router as it will jot fit the transformer unless you change the plug
Most 110 transformers in un are for onsite work

Thanks for the advice, I have ordered [200W Step Down Power Voltage Converter Transformer 220V/240V to 110V/120V, Intelligent Efficient Adapter Travel Power Adapter ] from Amazon.

Not sure which model you got but I would monitor it for a while
I’m from England but live in Louisiana so I mail stuff over there a lot
Sent my grandson an electric shaver so had to send him a transformer adapter too
Dang thing nearly burnt his house down,

Just an FYI to keep your eye on it till you happy it sir

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I will note again, that I am running a 220V unit (Mafell FM 1000 WS) using a step-down transformer and it was able to draw sufficient current though the circuit which had been wired up so as to use the removable tab on an outlet to continue the circuit to completely burn out the outlet.

Since then, I’ve put it on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

Thanks for the advice I will take care.

I will take further advice when my transformer arrives, thank you for yours

Just checking, you meant 2,000W not 200W ?

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Let’s not get into ohm’s law but I sure see where you coming from

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