Using Carbide create to surface wasteboard

Totally a Noob here, Just got my 883 Pro last week. Did a bunch of test cuts last week without surfacing the wasteboard and a few of the FR-4 parts popped out and were damaged by the cutter. Can someone point me in the right direction

When machining friable (“easily crumbled”) materials (e.g. FR4, Garolite, wood, MDF, carbon composite) particles are generated that are EXTREMELY dangerous to one’s health.

There are many postings about PCB making that one can learn from. Here are a few:

One of the difficulties is ensuring that the PCB is held flat. There are some good solutions available.


We have a bit about workholding on the Shapeoko wiki: which may be of interest.

In particular you may want to buy (or make something?) like to:

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To answer your specific question, the spoiler can be machined flat with CC by setting the stock size equal to the bed - 8 x 8. Depth would the depth of the spoiler board. Z0 on top.

Now draw a pocket over the entire surface and make it 0.03-0.05" deep. Machine with 40% (diameter) step over using a square end end mill. Time passes and dust flies. Now the surface of the spoiler is flat and square to the machine.


There is a bit about tramming a machine on the SO wiki:

Thank You all !! I got it done.