Using free 3D modeling software to import in CAM

I just stumbled on what many already know, but the info is a little scarce.
Quite a bit in the Wiki, under the CAD section.
I have no experience in this, but only to turn others on to the idea of using free , or cheaper 3D modeling software to make your models, and then import them into your CAM, to finish, smooth, and add to your clip art library.
I tried Sculptris, this morning, for the first time, and just playing for 5 minutes, before I go to work.
I’m Very excited. It works!

And here it is pasted down in Vectric :slight_smile:

Sculptris is a beginner’s package that upgrades to ZBrush.
Zbrush Core is $150

Blender is a full blown Open source program.

I don’t know much yet, but the photos show what I know, so far.
Exciting times :slight_smile:


Thanks Jerry, you know I’d rather or need to use those types of programs, first I’ve seen Sculptris, I’ll check it out this evening also. Jude

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It doesn’t seem to be really intended for people like us as opposed to say 3D Cartoons, and 3D printing, but that’s what I like about it.
I see a lot of unique opportunities in this field with CNC.
I mean people do it, but not a lot, yet.

Yeah, I agree, I can’t visualise how to use it for cnc yet, but I can see me and my grand daughter (10yo) spending time learning it to develop her art. Great stuff anf terrific find, thanks Jerry, Jude

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Here’s what I mean.
It has some demo files in it. I’ll use the head.

You create a sculpture in Sculptris, then save it as an .OBJ file.
This is one I just made, playing around the second time.

Then open your 3d CAM, like Mesh CAM, VcarvePro, etc…
Open a new job, and then import a 3D model (The .obj file you made).

Set it in the material block, where you like it, and OK it.

Finish by smoothing the triangles, and any last minute tweaking.

Then run the toolpaths.

It should look something like this, when you’re done :slight_smile:

Actually this video shows it a lot better. Making a base relief in ZBrush: