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Hello to all,
I’m currently creating tool paths in mastercam X4 because it offers more options than Carbide Create or Meshcam. The problem I’m having is I keep getting an error of “error in line 2 - G code not supported” I’ve gone through my NC editor and removed the code that’s not supported but I am having no luck getting Carbide Motion to read the code. Any ideas or solutions?

Thank you!

Post the file here?

What post-processor options do you have to choose from?

I had a problem with the Nomad VCarve postprocessor that can be found at this location:

The issue was that there were spaces generated by the postprocessor before the instruction and before the argument that the new versions of CM don’t like. Perhaps CM was more flexible in the past?

Hey Will,
I’m using a custom build PP from my machinist instructor. It was built for HAAS but I can use a different one if I’m not mistaken, MC has multiples to choose from.

Not sure this will work

I.D.1A.NC (2.0 KB)

Thank you Gerry. I’ll check it out.

Grbl doesn’t handle G43. (tool length offset)
You also don’t specify G20 (inch mode…I’m assuming).
And your feedrate is REALLY slow.

The G43 is the problem, though.


Neil, yes you’re right! The PP I’m using has some built in defaults that are specific to the type of fixturing we used in our curriculum in my metals technology degree. Basically using a vise and using the back of the vise and left side of the stock for stock set-up with added values for the part centered in the stock. The only time we used a center zero was for round stock. Additionally the tool offset doesn’t apply to the work I’m doing in the Nomad as you pointed out. As for the feed rates I’m still too fast. I was taught to “listen” to the cutting and chatter of the machine and tool. I’m cutting sterling silver and fixturing requires almost as much work as programming. But I thank you! Nothing is more valuable than education and you have help me greatly! I promised pic’s before and I’ll keep my promise I just have to have a finished piece to show.

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